Lunchtime Kiss

The theme for The Gallery this week over at Sticky Fingers is street photography. When I saw the theme I was pulled about ten years into the past when pretty much all I used to snap was street photography. I was at university and totally enamoured with the idea of the flaneur. I worshipped Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin and photographers like Robert Doisneau and Robert Frank.

My god, that was a time when I actually thought about stuff that wasn’t related to the two little monkeys who now dominate my lens. It’s easy to forget that a me like that existed.

At the time, I was studying at university and I had a part time office job in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Martin Place. At lunchtime I used to take my camera out and snap, snap, snap. This couple snatching a lunchtime kiss remind me of the kisses Bird and I used to cross town for if our lunchtime breaks ever overlapped.

couple kissing in Martin Place, Sydney

PS. Excuse the crappy quality, this is a pic of a photo I think I developed myself to save on processing costs and I never was great in the dark room! Thank god the digital era came along and saved me.

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14 responses to “Lunchtime Kiss

  1. Just a little bit closer…smooch! I agree Herding Cats, I love the quality of the photo. It gives it an vintage day look.

  2. That is such a fantastic photo, all that chaos going on in the background and yet the focus is very much on the expression on that couple’s faces. I wonder if they’d been together a while or if it was a new a nd frehs romance?

    • Thanks. I wonder about them too. The fact that they’re not glued to each other in the embrace suggests they either shouldn’t be kissing so are holding back a bit, or they’d been together ages and the urge to press bodies against each other has subsided. Would love to know!

  3. I love this photo, the fashion, the shoes, the kiss, the faded vintage feel of it. Now in my head, I’ve imagined a whole back story for that couple too!

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