Comparing your children

I know some people say you shouldn’t compare your children but I’m not sure why. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing. I, for one, can’t help but compare mine. It’s human nature to compare things and spot the differences that make something, or in this case, someone, unique. My children are very different and I love to see these differences and marvel at the two little beings that are developing under my wing.

I love comparing photos of them at the same age. I find it easier to look at a photo of Sun at a particular age and remember how he was than if I just try to cast my mind back over the months.

Here’s photos of them both aged 15 months and 6 days, which for Shine was yesterday:

15 month old children

Sun at this age was not walking about, he was running. We had just moved into a home with a garden and he would pick up thatf little plastic wheelbarrow, hold it in the air, and run with it from one end of the garden to the other.

Shine isn’t walking yet. She will do if you hold her hands and walk her but she has no interest in doing it on her own. She has worked out a way to carry things while crawling and she’s very vocal when she wants you to fetch something for her. I get the sense she feels she can get about and get what she needs so why should she walk.

Sun at that age was saying quite a few words. The usual suspects – mummy, daddy, cat, car, animal sounds – but he could also say shoes, coat, and very clearly say many commands like up, down, no and more. He was very good at communicating what he wanted to do, even at that young age.

Shine is 15 months old and slowly building up a little vocabulary, but she’s not starting out with the same words Sun did. She can say daddy, daisy (Upsy Daisy), over there (when she wants something out of reach), ready (usually screeched at me when she thinks I’m taking too long to get her food in front of her). She’s also mastered bye bye with a wave, which Sun didn’t do for months and months despite being capable of parrotting words he just wasn’t down with greetings at all preferring instead to be put down so he could scuttle off looking for adventure. Oh and Shine is finally saying mama, but only when I coax her to repeat it, not actually naming me. Wonder why this has taken so long?

Sun was always very clear with his words too, he didn’t really say made-up words for things, he either couldn’t say the word or could say it perfectly. Shine says doodoo for water or while she’s doing a poo (charming). She also says doo for shoes and doe for toes and tee for teeth.

I remember the day this photo of Sun was taken we had bought him a little garden set and I had tried to sit him down and show him how to use the spade to scoop soil into the bucket. He would not sit down next me for long enough to even look at what I was doing, instead preferring to do his own thing with the wheelbarrow, tearing about the garden.

Shine sat for nearly an hour this morning on her own, on the couch, playing with a couple of toys and looking at books.

Of course Sun had his quiet moments, and still does, and Shine has her times when she’s all revved up, squealing and dancing about the place, but just as was the case in utero, Sun seems to move about a lot more than Shine, and he definitely makes a lot more noise than she does. It will be interesting to see how this changes, if it does, as they grow.

One response to “Comparing your children

  1. You are right it is fine comparing as long as it isn’t negative. It is good to appreciate that everyone is different – life would be pretty dull if we were all the same. I am very glad that my boys are different as I couldn’t cope if they were all like middle man!

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