Independent Dresser

In the past couple of weeks Shine has become a tad obsessed with clothes and shoes. She’s always loved a good rummage through the clothes pile, as any child does, but recently she’s taken it to a new level. Now that she can nod and shake her head (vigorously) she is using her newfound skills to assert her independence and I am a weency bit scared. She is 15 months old and is already telling me what she wants to wear and which shoes she wants to put on. This can be problematic when she wants shoes that are a gazillion sizes too large for her teeny size 2.5 feet.

Please come and tell me this is totally normal and that your child did the same! Please!

girl trying on shoes

Sun isn’t really bothered even now what he wears. He loves his superhero t-shirt but not to the extent that he will cry if he doesn’t wear it.

At first I put Shine’s distress at me trying to dress her in a certain dress or trousers down to discomfort. Maybe they were itchy in some way or there was a tag that rubbed? Surely she couldn’t be telling me she didn’t want to wear the lovely stripy dress because she didn’t fancy it? Could she? After a couple of mornings of throw-herself-to-the-floor-and-roll-about dramatics at dressing time I changed tactic and put a pile of her clothes on the floor for her to choose from. I quickly learnt that I had to give her a pile of tops, then a pile of bottoms, or a pile of dresses, as otherwise she would desperately try to get me to help her into two pairs of jeans at the same time. She’s 15 months old afterall, she’s not that advanced. Unless layering is her style?

girl trying to dress herself

It’s come as a bit of a shock too because I am not the most fashion conscious person. It’s not as if I have taken her shopping every day since birth or let her do decoupage with old copies of Vogue. I do confess to watching a lot of Britain & Irelands Next Top Model while growing her and when breastfeeding. For me though, if I wear a belt or, heaven forbid, two accessories at a time, I am making an effort. I would like to be more into fashion and clothing but it has slipped down the list of priorites. Have leg coverings without holes around vital bits? Sorted then.

If this is a sign of things to come then I am worried. How long will it be before Shine is using her head shaking to tell me which clothes to buy her? Am I going to have to start doing all her shopping while she sleeps? I do remember when I was growing up that I often refused to wear clothes my mother had lovingly made me, but in my defence, I think I must have been more like 15 than 15 months.

So help me dear readers, am I creating a monster by letting my daughter dictate what she wears already? Is this just a hint of the inevitable power struggles that await me?  Or should I encourage this independence and creativity and see where it leads? For now I err towards the latter but what do I know? If you have been here and done that and can tell me not to take that path then please share!

girl dressed in a tutu skirt

2 responses to “Independent Dresser

  1. Apparently, when I was a toddler I would only wear blue. Anything that was not blue was unacceptable to tiny me. I imagine my mum was a bit concerned about my strong opinions- but when my little brother came along she was probably secretly grateful to have boy-friendly clothes already!
    I think it is normal- from what I’ve read on Rachel’s lovely blog her little girl seems to be equally determined to wear big girl shoes 🙂

    • I’ve just been checking out your blog – I LOVE your style – so I’ll take Shine’s strong views to be a good sign of things to come if you were as certain of style when you were a wee one too 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by x

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