Everyone’s Waiting

I came across this video today which I have to share.

Missy Higgins is one of my favourite artists. I wouldn’t say I’m massively into music really but her music resonates with me, it gets under my skin and sticks. I think I love her just a little.

Anyway, her latest video is beautiful isn’t it? I couldn’t help but well up as I watched. Emotional? Moi? Never! Ok, yes, it got me. I can’t watch footage like that of the ocean and the stunning coast near Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia, and not feel overwhelmingly homesick. I want to dive under waves like Missy and look out across all that open sky.

Perhaps my homesickness is made all the more acute because I’ve just booked tickets to go home in a couple of months time for a little holiday, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the friends and family I’m going to see again soon. It’s like now that I know I am going home and have my tickets I can let myself feel all the emotions I usually try to push aside.

When you move away from the place you call home you can’t live every day missing the people and places that mean so much to you, it would be too much. I try and enjoy what’s around me and not dwell on what I miss. What would be the point of that? I made my choice to live where I do and I’m happy with it. Doesn’t mean that I don’t ever feel homesick though, and videos and music like this just bring it all crashing home.

I can’t wait to take Sun and Shine to the ocean. I try my hardest to make water a part of their lives but here there is the sea. There are lakes. There are swimming pools. Nothing like the ocean that surrounds Australia. Seeing the force of the waves push Missy Higgins around in the video brought me out in goosebumps. The immense power, the overwhelming beauty, the smell of the salty sea spray…all things that are a part of me and were very much a part of my childhood.

We arrive in Sydney early in the morning and my mum lives five minutes from the beach so I know exactly what I’ll be doing that first morning. Rain or shine, I’ll be bundling up my babies and taking them to the beach. I can’t wait to walk with them along the shore, build sandcastles, search rock pools. Sun loved the ocean pools when we were there last and I feel so excited to think of sharing all this with them both again so soon.

I’m going to have to convince everyone to come see us at the beach. There’s lots of people to see, lots of introductions to be made. In the three years since I was last home, a lot of friends and family have had babies. Lots of sweet little people to meet! My sister has had two gorgeous girls since my last visit and I haven’t met them, and they haven’t met their cousins. It’s these things that are the most painful about living far from home. I can’t wait for us to meet everyone. It’s going to be hard work as Bird can’t come with us, but there’s a lot to look forward to…and everyone’s waiting.

boy playing in rockpools by the ocean

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