And he shall grow and grow and grow…

In two weeks’ time Sun starts preschool. Eeek. I keep thinking of this passage from one of our favourite books – Billywise by Judith Nicholls & Jason Cockcroft – about a mother owl preparing her baby to leave the nest:

Spread your wings to the side,
fix your ears on the night,
let the stars light your flight
and aim for the moon!

For the first time he’ll be spending the whole day away from me, which will make it a bit easier for me to work. Until now he has done a couple of morning sessions at nursery a week so this will be a big change for him…and me. He drives me nuts and I’m very much looking forward to the extra time to work and the chance to spend a little time with Shine doing things just with her, but I have to admit I will miss him driving me nuts. He’s so loud and he’s such a blur of energy that you can’t help but notice when he’s not at home.

In the past week I’ve been trying to get him ready for the changes to come in the hope it will make the transition to a new place, for a longer day, a little easier. We’ve been to meet one of his new teachers and he had a chance to have a play and explore the rooms. He marched into the preschool giggling and the first thing he said to his teacher was, ‘I’m going to be a nightmare’! Thankfully she thought it was funny rather than being shocked by his utter cheek. Oh la la, that boy!

boy pulling faces

I’ve had it really good in that until a week or so ago he has still been taking afternoon naps. I know, I know, at the grand old age of 3 and a half it’s unusual for children to still be sleeping in the day but when he’s awake he does not stop so until recently he really needed the energy top-up in the afternoon. And, ok, yes, I needed the peace and quiet too. It had been taking him longer and longer to drop off though so I knew the time was coming when we’d have to say goodbye to the afternoon nap. The first few days were a bit hairy come tea time but now he seems to have adjusted to less sleep. I think he’s asleep before Bird shuts the door in the evening though, where he used to chat and chat and chat until falling asleep.

I took him for a haircut yesterday and I thought it would make him look more grown up but actually it’s had the opposite effect. He looks so small and I can’t believe this little boy will be getting ready to start school one year from now. If I’m this sentimental about him starting preschool I dread to think how I’ll be when he’s starting school!

boy with new haircut


4 responses to “And he shall grow and grow and grow…

  1. I totally get where you are coming from, if only it were possible to freeze them for a while! I am a complete wreck at this time of year, no matter what year they are going , its so hard to accept they are older.

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