The beauty is in the detail

We went for a walk on the weekend and came across a field of sunflowers that were all bowing their heads to the ground, petals falling, leaves wilting. At first I was disappointed that we had missed seeing them at their peak as it would have been a magnificent sight. I’ve never been amongst so many sunflowers, or such large ones. Some of them stood as tall as me with sturdy, rough stems and heads the size of hubcaps.

I was beginning to feel a bit morose that summer is drawing to a close and soon so much of the colour of the countryside is going to fade. Then I began to look more closely at the sunflowers and I noticed that each head was made up of dozens of tiny, identical flowers. It reminded me that there’s beauty in everything if you look for it, even flowers that seem past their best.

close up of a sunflower

I’m linking up with The Gallery this week where the theme is beauty. If you’ve got a minute go and check out some of the other entries this week.


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