Dusting off the tags

This little blog needs dusting. It has sat quietly in a corner for all of August and now almost half of September, never once complaining about its fall in place on my priority list. Why has it been so neglected? Well a few things have happened that have caused the spiderwebs to grow round the tags on this here blogiddyblog.

Work. Yep, I’ve mentioned it already, I’m back working again. I’m not even working full time but it seems the time I used to blog, when the children were napping mainly, I’m now working instead. There never seems enough hours in the day to do both. I’m not good at blogging in the evenings, that time is reserved for rubbish tv. What would Bird have to moan about if I wasn’t making him endure series after series of food-related reality show/competitions?

Working again also means I’ve had to settle Shine into childcare for a few hours a week. It’s a good thing really. I’m lucky that I’ve found someone lovely to mind her, and who Shine seems to like as well. It has had the effect though of making her a bit clingy, so even when I could potentially blog it’s hard to do so with a little munchkin pressing on the keyboard and trying to climb onto my head.

Sun has started his new preschool and he’s doing longer days now too so I feel guilty throwing a few books and crayons his way so I can blog when we don’t have as much time to spend together anymore. Argh, maternal guilt sucks doesn’t it.

I am still here though and am desperately hoping that soon things will settle down and I’ll find a way to witter away more regularly again. I miss tippytapping in this little white box. I must prioritise this over housework. Ditch the real dusting (*pretends I actually dust in the real world*) and dust off a few categories and page titles instead.

I can’t post without some pics from the past couple of weeks now can I…

So here is Shine trying to get her bag on to leave for her first morning at the childminder’s house:

girl trying to get bag on

We had some lovely cuddles in the garden after I picked her up:

girl laying on her mother's chest

I think even Sun missed having her at home:

brother and sister hug in the garden

This rubbish quality photo I hastily snapped using my phone after realising I forgot to take a photo of Sun on his first day at preschool. This is him when I picked him up:

boy's first day at preschool

This is Shine at the local softplay that I normally refuse to frequent. I felt guilty the other day for spending the morning working and letting CBeebies entertain Shine so I sucked it up and spent an hour in hell. She wasn’t that keen on the place either. Next time I feel guilty I’ll take her to a cafe and eat some cake with her. That, we will both enjoy I’m sure.

girl at soft play looking through the tunnel

Oh and I can’t sign off without a walk update. Shine will be 17 months old next week and she will quite happily climb up a hill just holding a finger for support but will she take a step on her own? Will she heck! She is still refusing to walk on her own…and I’ve stopped answering my mother’s emails about the matter…but that’s a whole other post!

girl walking with her father in the countryside

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