I have to confess, I love routine. In fact, I don’t think I realised just how deep my love of routine runs until the past couple of weeks came along and my perfectly tuned routine got squished into a ball and tossed out the window. New work hours, new preschool times and new childminder schedules have me scrambling around trying to figure out a new routine that I can peacefully obey.

For now, it’s a work in progress and I’m finding mornings the hardest.

I don’t want to be rushing the children through breakfast and out the door, especially as Sun has had a few new preschool jitters, but at the same time I don’t want to be waking them up really early as they need all the sleep they can get for the long day ahead. Tricky!

Good days go like this: Sun and Shine wake up on their own, not too early, not too late, we have a calm breakfast together and we can meander to preschool with time to stop and look at cobwebs, leaves and cat poo. Sun can have plenty of time to relax and I can sneakily distract him from thinking about his preschool nerves. Shine has had breakfast and is happy to bob along in the sling for Sun’s drop-off.

Bad days go like this: I wake Sun and start dressing him before he’s even standing and rush him downstairs for breakfast. He doesn’t want to eat anything and starts telling me how much he hates the new preschool, working himself up more and more by the second. I get Shine out of bed at the last second and put her straight in the sling ready to go out the door. She protests, crying as we move towards the front door and away from the breakfast table. Sun hears Shine crying and decides to join her in the whingeathon and I part-drag a protesting Sun to the preschool doors. Sun doesn’t want to stay or play with the toys and cries, Shine wants to stay and play with the toys so cries.

So there we have it, a peak at what breakfast looks like in our house at the moment. Oh and it also looks like this:

three breakfast bowls

I’m linking up with The Gallery this week, where the theme is breakfast. Go check out what other peoples’ breakfasts look like by clicking below…or feel free to share your trade secrets with me on how you manage breakfast in your house!

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