What’s this? An Award?

I don’t know that I deserve this at all but my lovely friend Lucinda, who writes over at Sophie de Courcy, has bestowed one upon me and I shan’t be rude and turn it down. Thanks Lucinda!

Here it is…a very grown up looking Silver Quill Award:

The Silver Quill Blogger Award

Of course, with the award comes responsibility. There are questions being asked and they are as follows:

1. Do you prefer rhyming or non rhyming poetry? Rhyming all the way! I get annoyed when I’m reading books to my children and some lines rhyme and others don’t. Stick with the rhyme people!

2. Favourite Shakespeare play? Romeo and Juliet. Yes, that is probably a very boring answer, I’m sure accomplished writers must answer with more obscure Mr S works, but R&J is my favourite. Romance in abundance, tragedy of course, and without it we wouldn’t have the brilliant Baz Luhrmann film of the same name.

3. Favourite author? Today it’s Michael Rosen because Shine is loving We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and I’m loving watching her fall in love with books.

4. What is your favourite music album? Today it is My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men.

5. Which colour do you most dislike? Candy pink.

6. Name a poem or song which makes you feel emotional. Everyone’s Waiting by Missy Higgins was the last song that made me cry.

Now I have to nominate some people who write blogs I love:

A Mama in Chile, Five Go Blogging, The Kitchen Mechanic, The Laotian Commotion – over to you lovely bloggers*!

*No offence will be taken if you don’t accept awards and don’t want to join in.

7 responses to “What’s this? An Award?

  1. Wow, thank you so much for this lovely shiney award.
    You’ve made my day x
    I’m off to investigate Of Monsters and Men and Missy Higgins 🙂

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  3. Hello, Bluebird (once Caramel).
    That award looks very nice…What camera do you have, those photos ou take are really impressive? I had a cheapo one (but valued, as a present from daughter) which stopped working recently…

    • Hello, hello, I use either my Canon EOS 500 DSLR or my iPhone4S. The DSLR is a few years old now but I love it and can’t see any need in upgrading. If you’re after a point-and-shoot the Nikon ones are great, like Coolpix. Are you going to Mumsnet BlogFest? I just bought a ticket, yay! xxx

      • Sadly can’t make the MumsNet BlogFest,but for sure I will look into those recommendations when I get a camera, if someone doesn’t get me one for Christmas that is. I wanted a new Tarot set for years and said things like “I wish I had a new Tarot set; ahem! I wish someone would get me one for Christmas’ and nobody took me up on it (you can get them on Amazon, prosaically enough). Maybe I’ll have better luck with camera hints.
        I love ‘Romeo and Juliet’ too. Is the film you mention the one with Leonardo de Caprio in it?

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