8 o’clock

8 o’clock…Ah 8pm is one of my favourite times of day. I’ve got lots of pics on IG that are taken around that time.

It’s the time that Bird is usually putting the children to bed and I have a few minutes to myself to do whatever I please. It’s the calm after the storm that is dinnertime and bedtime with two small children.

In the warmer months I would go outside and water the garden or potter around tidying up after a days’ playing. Often at that time of day I’m in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner or nibbling on a square of chocolate.

At 8 o’clock, when the children are tucked up in bed, the kitchen bench is wiped down and the toys are put away, all feels right with the world. You will most likely find me in my pyjamas and dressing gown, and you could quite possibly find me with a glass of something lovely in my hand.

This photo I posted on Instagram 8 weeks ago and I think it’s the essence of 8pm for me – pjs, dressing gown and a G&T. Pure heaven.

gin and tonic, dressing gown and slippers

This week’s theme for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is 8pm. Go check out others’ pics. I bet my photo is not going to be unique as I imagine I’m not alone!

20 responses to “8 o’clock

  1. Hmmm…even more alcohol. I knew that would be an alternate theme this week. Great picture of you and your G&T

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