***Update! I was just listening to a little Woman’s Hour on catch up and what should they be discussing but knitwear. It was really interesting because for one thing I had no idea that by donning an oversized jumper and teaming it with a pencil skirt I was being so on trend. It’s like my wardrobe and the fashion world’s stars aligned and lo and behold I am fashionable, for at least this week anyway.

The other thing the program raised, and I have to thank WH yet again for cranking my brain into gear and making me think about things in a more complex way. Honestly, if it wasn’t for that program during my days on maternity leave, as a SAHM and now as a WAHM, my brain would be rustier.

Anyway, I digress, the knitwear segment also touched on the fact that in times of austerity knitwear tends to come out of the closet and onto the catwalk. Fashion writer Hannah Rochell and fashion lecturer Emmanuel Dirix discussed with Jenny that it might be because wearing knitwear provides you with a way of cocooning yourself and escaping from the outside world, enveloping yourself if you like. So true!

It’s no wonder then that I love my yellow jumper so much. It’s my shield, and by providing me with protection it’s also given me confidence. I hope my fashion whims align with what’s fashionable again sometime soon!***


I hereby resolve to wear more yellow. The days are getting shorter and darker and the world needs brightening up.

I would love to have more colour in my wardrobe but I’ve got a bit scared of it as I’ve gotten older, just as lots of people do. My wardrobe is very safe – lots of navy, breton stripes, a few patterns and splashes of colour in accessories and bags. Yawn.

I bought this jumper on a whim a few weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s been my gentle route back to wearing colour. It’s not fluoro yellow, not canary yellow, but a soft mustard shade. Seeing its colour really cheers me and and I feel younger wearing it, more like the me of five years ago, who used to wear a lot more colour and care a lot more about style. I felt more confident about my appearance then and if this little splash of yellow can remind me of that person and boost how I feel about myself then that can only be a good thing! Confidence is the best accessory afterall.

Who knew that yellow – a colour I’ve always considered bright and a tad risky to wear – would become my fashion life raft. Thank you yellow!

mustard yellow jumper

To see yellow in many glorious forms just visit The Gallery this week by clicking below. It will cheer you up, I swear!

6 responses to “Yellow

    • Yes, three cheers for colour! Secretly, red terrifies me, I’m so worried about getting the wrong shade for my skin tone. I clearly need help!

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