Most of the photos I post on here and on Instagram are of smiling, happy children. Sometimes the odd pic gets through of them pulling silly faces and being cheeky too. It’s not often that I capture a pic of either Sun or Shine scowling and being dark and moody. Let’s face it, when they’re in the midst of an episode I’m not usually whipping my camera out to capture the moment, I’m usually trying to talk them round and induce them back to the happy side.

This morning Sun was excited about Halloween and the chance to wear fancy dress to Holiday Club at preschool. At first anyway. Once he was transformed into Batman and saw his reflection he wasn’t so sure anymore. This pic I took when Sun was on the edge of an almighty meltdown. The grump before the storm. This face is frightful as I know what’s coming next!

child in Batman costume scowling

The theme this week over at The Gallery is frightful. Go scare yourself silly this Halloween!

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