Growing up in Sydney there is really more like two seasons than four, the differences between seasons are not so acute. Then when I moved to the northern hemisphere I found autumn a depressing time of year. It marked the end of summer and all around me all I could see was decaying, sodden leaves covering damp pathways. It was really hard to adjust to the seemingly sudden loss of daylight too.

Autumn is growing on me though. Now I don’t focus on the death of summer but instead I see the amazing transformation in the parks and gardens around me. I get joy from watching my children run about collecting shiny conkers, pine cones and leaves, mimicking the squirrels collecting their stores for the winter ahead.

I am falling in love too with the mystical side of autumn – the amazing pale light, incredible sunrises and sunsets and thick, wet fogs. I doubt autumn will ever be my favourite season but I now appreciate it’s place in the cycle and enjoy what it has to offer. Also it means I get to spend more time inside wrapped up cozy and warm and that’s never a bad thing!

autumn fog through park gate

Plenty more Autumnal shots in The Gallery this week.

Go have a look at some more.

18 responses to “Autumn

  1. I was just moaning yesterday how dark it was at 4pm (I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that!), but yes, I’m starting to appreciate the colours of an English autumn much more too.

  2. Such an amazing photo; so atmospheric! Like you I see the one plus side of autumn the chance to wrap up and put the heating on without my husband moaning at me!

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