From 40 to -4 in 4 Days

Four days ago we were sweltering in 40 degree heat on the beach in Sydney. This morning it was -4 degrees and the snow that fell yesterday is stubbornly sticking around. The difference 4 days has made could not be any more stark.

Toddler playing in water on beach

Toddler standing in snow in park

My poor sleep deprived brain is having trouble computing the most basic of thoughts and so for now this little blog is on pause. Back soon…when I can remember my name and what day of the week it is!

8 responses to “From 40 to -4 in 4 Days

  1. Ahh..those photos are so cute. I can’t imagine the transition you are going through. Ready to fly back, yet? ; )

    • Hope z is slowly getting back onto UK time for you, jetlag sucks big time doesn’t it?! Another terrible night here last night, boo! Must go out and buy Christmas lights and the tree to cheer myself up!

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