Beautiful Blogger Award

I am really touched to have received this lovely new award from the blogger behind Becoming Madame.

I LOVE her blog – if you haven’t checked it out then take a second to sneak to a peak. It’s an insider’s view into life in France, as explained by an expat. There’s writings on all sorts of things from food to cosmetics and French traditions. Being a bit of a Francophile myself I love her blog and I bet you will too, it’s well worth a visit.

beautiful blogger award 2012

Rules of the award are to share seven things about yourself and nominate seven other blogs for the award.

So…seven things about myself, let’s see…well I can list seven things I’ve eaten today, because it’s Christmas and all I seem to be doing is eating so I have food on the brain:

– leftover spiced pear & berry pavlova – got to eat it before it gets too soggy.
– Elizabeth Shaw Amaretto chocolates – just discovered these this year, yum.
– Formaggio La Tur – a soft Italian cheese made from cow, goat & sheep’s milk. Oh. My. God. So good.
– a pear – so far the only 1 of my 5 a day.
– freshly baked bread – turned out slightly doughy (underproved? overproved? I need Paul from GBBO to help me decide) but it looked good and smelt amazing as it baked.
– pineapple chutney – I made from this pineapple chutney recipe.
– baked ham.

The best thing about these awards that float around the blogosphere is that they introduce me to new blogs. I just spent an hour wandering about Becoming Madame’s fave blogs, and now I get to pass this award on to seven blogs that I love and that I want to thank for making the blogosphere a better place – no obligation to pass the award on btw, just pop it on your shelf and enjoy it if you prefer!

Botany Life
Capturing memories in the form of photographs
Not My Year Off
Stressy Mummy
Bike Lights in the Fruit Bowl
My Two Mums

6 responses to “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Thanks very much for the award, I am very honoured! 🙂 You’ve now got me thinking about 7 things I’ve eaten today too. I’ve never had pineapple chutney. I’m kind of imagining it to taste a a bit like mango chutney!

  2. Oh my! Thanks so much 🙂 Love your blog too. I have been a bit slack lately with Christmas and all, but I’ll be back on the blog writing next week! Loving the idea of pear and berry pav….so Aussie! x

    • Hope you’ve had a fab Christmas! I don’t get to blog half as much as I’d like to at the mo, always seems so little time since being back at work. New years resolution is to find time though. Happy new year to you, can’t wait to read more Botany Life posts xxx

  3. Thanks! I’m really chuffed. I feel like I’ve done nothing but eat and drive the last few days. Finally back home after lots of Xmas visiting and looking forward to a bit of normality and reacquainting myself with my blog. Can’t wait to check out your favourites for inspiration.

    • I haven’t had the driving to break up the eating so really feel I have eaten my way through Christmas! It feels like a challenge to eat all the chocolates and leftovers so I can resume semi-healthy eating next week 🙂

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