One Sunny Day

The winter is looooong and we might officially be past the darkest day but it has certainly felt lately like spring is still a long way away. The last week (or what feels like month) has been grey and dark and murky. It hasn’t helped either that I’ve been juggling work with a toddler, while my lovely childminder is on holiday, and a poorly preschooler.

So this morning as the clouds were parting after we dropped Sun off at nursery I knew it was one of those days where you throw down tools and take advantage of what little sunshine is on offer.

So worth it, tonight my soul is replenished. Sometimes all you need is one sunny day in the middle of winter to see you through a few more weeks of frosty mornings, damp pathways and dark afternoons.

pink blossom against blue sky

duck swimming in canal

girl in winter sun

swans swimming in winter

winter dusk pink sky

4 responses to “One Sunny Day

  1. wow! Gorge pics! i have made a deal with myself (if you can?!) that everyday during my lunch break i go for a walk and those ten minutes seem to set me for the afternoon.

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