Cake in the post – Baker Days Review

When I was asked if I wanted to receive a cake in the post I was of course doing a little dance and singing yes please at the same time as being very intrigued as to how a cake could fit through my letterbox. That’s just what Baker Days do – they make personalised individual cakes that are, in their words, ‘small enough to slip through a letterbox, but large enough to celebrate the biggest occasions’.

It’s all very straight forward, you pick a cake – I chose a Valentine’s cake – upload a photo and some text if you like and then sit back and wait a couple of days for the cake to make it’s way to you.

I have to say when the box arrived I did wonder how on earth a cake could be inside and not be squished flat. It was perfectly packaged though in a tin inside the box. There was a bonus little pack of Love Hearts too – yum! I opened the tin and there were instructions on how to remove the cake safely and it was all very easy. From box to mouth in the time it took to boil the kettle.

The cake itself was a butter sponge, rich and moist, encased in fondant icing that had the photo I’d chosen printed on the icing. My only slight criticism, and I’m being critical as it’s a review afterall, was that the icing, which looked white on the website, had a slight coloured tinge to it that I’m guessing was from the printing process. I can wholeheartedly say though that it didn’t affect the taste or pleasurable consumption of the cake.

Baker Days have hit upon a very cool idea, I know I’d be super happy if someone thought to send me a cake in the post. So much better than receiving bills and junk mail!

Baker Days Valentines Cake

I didn’t pay for the cake, the kind people at Baker Days sent it to me to review. They must have worked out I wouldn’t be able to resist!

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