Opposites Attract

If you had asked me when I was twenty what I thought made a good relationship I probably would have listed having things in common, like hobbies, past times and music.

I’m very surprised then that my idea of a perfect Friday night looks like this:

Friday night iPad Mag Red Wine Chocolate

…while Bird is out enjoying his idea of a Friday night in heaven. He’s at a heavy metal gig in London thoroughly enjoying being elbowed, having his feet stomped on and inflicting pain on his eardrums while droplets of sweat fly around and land on his head. Ew.

We have been together nearly fourteen years, so most of our adult lives, and it was inevitable that we would have to negotiate growing up together. For a while there I worried that if we didn’t like exactly the same music anymore then maybe we were growing apart. It’s something you hear people say isn’t it, ‘we just grew apart’. Scary!

I’m not sitting back (well I am actually reclining as I type this, see pic above) and saying we never will ‘grow apart’ but I feel reassured that for the moment we are doing an ok job of navigating the relationship waters. As long as he doesn’t force me to part with my slippers and join him for thrashing metal, and I don’t force him to don his slippers and watch Location, Location, Location repeats with me, I think we will be fine.

I love the person, I don’t have to love the music he comes with at this particular point in time! What do you think? Opposites attract?

3 responses to “Opposites Attract

  1. Husb and I are exactly the same! We have completely different tastes in music and many other things. He often says jokingly ‘how are we married?’ as we can be soooooo different in so many ways, but that’s what makes us us! x

    • It’s so true that the things that make us different are probably what keeps our relationship interesting. That said, I’m still in no rush to accompany him to any death metal gigs 😉 I’ll stay home and bake thanks!

  2. I am in complete agreeance with you!! Opposites attract! I would much rather be watching Chopped, while he soaks in any sport channel. I love him for that though. I think competition might play a hand if we were the same. ; )

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