Collaborative Post: Are we still in love with Valentine’s Day?

This is a collaborative post so if you haven’t a romantic bone in your body and are utterly ignoring Valentine’s Day you might want to click away now!

Christmas might be a distant memory, but arguably the loveliest celebration of the year is just around the corner. I usually declare that Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter to me then a few days before the big day my romantic side is overwhelmed and I find myself running around trying to organise a surprise for Bird.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day anyway?

February 14th has long been held as a day to celebrate love. The Roman Feast of Lupercalia was held on this day in honour of Juno, the Roman goddess of women and marriage.

Roman women would write love letters and put them in an urn, from which the men would draw a note at random and proceed to pursue the writer with declarations of love. The festival was later replaced with the Christian celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, although there are multiple suggestions as to who the real Saint Valentine might be.

Of course, the cynics out there will argue that Valentine’s Day is another pointless tradition and that true romance is dead and buried – not hiding in rose petals and chocolates. One advocate of this perspective is actress Dame Helen Mirren, who recently told Woman & Home magazine that practical considerations are more important to a lasting relationship than romance. Wise woman!

However, many still see the 14th February as the opportunity to celebrate love and their own special relationship. According to a recent American study which calculated the number of cards bought during nine different seasonal celebrations, Valentine’s Day saw over 150 million people purchasing cards, placing it second only to Christmas and demonstrating the importance that this celebration still holds for the American public. Romantics on this side of the pond can’t help but be swept up by Valentine’s Day traditions too, myself included.

In the past I have painstakingly made my own Valentine’s Day presents and one year when Bird and I were very poor students I bought him a big steak for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says romance like a bug hunk of meat.

Of course I know that Bird’s love for me isn’t diminished if he doesn’t buy me a gift, but who’d say no to being treated to something lovely? There are some lovely ideas for Valentine’s gifts at Littlewoods if you’re short of inspiration.

Take a look at some of the things they have that I wouldn’t mind receiving on the 14th!

Heart canvas Le Creuset Sweet Heart Rose Gold Necklace Littlewoods

Graham & Brown Hearts Canvas
MODA Rose Gold Heart Pendant
Le Creuset Sweet Heart Set

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