What an Honour

I’m still a bit shocked really that I was picked as a runner up in the Zulily photo comp. I entered the competition the other week with this post: Top Tips for Photographing Kids.

The other entries were amazing so I’m gobsmacked to have been chosen by Zulily’s Head Photographer as one of the two runners-up. Here’s what he said:

Her pictures are charming and answers unique, I love the fact that they seem so natural. The attention to detail is about the product (skirt) and this somehow fits seamlessly with the child. Really lovely. Good answers too!

How cool is that?!

*attempts to cover up blushing* *fails miserably*

So excited to have been part of the comp, I love the photography style that Zulily uses in their campaigns, always so vibrant and clean.

If you’ve got a spare minute this afternoon then you should go check out the winner – EvinOK – and other runner up too – The Princess and The Pickle, such beautiful pics and they both have gorgeous blogs too.

toddler in tutu on tippytoes

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