Springing Forth

For a little while now I’ve been thinking about this little blog – where it has come from and where it’s going.

Spring is the best time of year isn’t it for stopping and taking stock. You can’t help but contemplate new direction and growth when all around you nature is doing just that.

When I began writing this blog I was a SAHM struggling a bit with post-natal anxiety and a general feeling of not really belonging. I wasn’t in the work world any longer but I didn’t want to spend all my day immersed in babyland either. I needed somewhere to write about my family, to record my children’s firsts and to generally ramble about life. Writing this blog was a way for me to tap out in black and white how I was feeling and it forced me to think about what I wanted for the future.

I’m in a different space now thanks in part to these itty bits of HTML and while I still love posting photos and writing about my children I also want to do something new. I want this blog to have a bit more direction. Which direction, I’m not so sure, so when I saw that a new term was starting up of the e-course Blogging Your Way, created by Holly Becker, the woman behind decor8 (one of my fave blogs), I found myself signing up.

I’m not sure where it’ll take me but I do know I am loving the colours of Spring – bright yellows and warm greys. Beautiful. I can’t wait to put some structure to my thoughts and give this blog a little Spring love.

withering daffs

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