Baby Steps

I think I am slightly guilty of having used the winter to cloak my daughter’s growth. I’ll explain…

In the past few days it’s as if the weather has paid attention to the seasonal calendar we follow and we’ve had a little sunshine and been treated to a few extra degrees here and there. These first March days seem suddenly much longer than the bleak February days we recently suffered.

Throughout the winter when we’ve been out Shine has had to be in the buggy. It’s been too cold to let her walk as she still walks very, very slowly and is still a bit unsteady on her feet. A lot of the time the snow and ice prevented her making the leap from buggy-dependent to little stepper. She has wanted to walk outside for awhile but when we tried to indulge her whimsy it too often ended in freezing hands, slips onto icy, cold pavements and tears as she was wrangled back into the buggy.

The thing is, she has spent the past couple of months cocooned in her buggy blankets, surrounded by coat, scarf and hat, and I think it has been a way of me gently denying the fact that she is growing up. She’s not a baby any longer, she’s a toddler. She’ll be 2 in a couple of months and I can’t keep her a baby. I need to embrace the next stage and kiss goodbye to the baby days.

The last few days it’s been dry and warm and light enough to make the decision easier for me to ditch the buggy and go on short walks with Shine. We have been walking to pick up Sun from nursery each afternoon. Twenty minutes where I’m forced to slow down and soak in her joy, allow myself to catch up and see Shine as the little girl she is becoming rather than the baby she has been.

I think you can see from the photos, she is loving taking the next step too.

toddler walking on street

toddler against brick wall

toddler standing against brick wall

toddler looking down an alley

10 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. Gorgeous photos. I’m trying to ditch the buggy for short trips too. I forget how quickly they grow up! x

    • It’s tricky isn’t it when you don’t have much time & it’s much easier to pop them in the buggy & speed along. I’m going to try & keep finding the time or she’ll still be bumbling along at a snail’s pace aged 3 😉 xxx

  2. Hi, I just found your blog through blog boss and I think it’s lovely. Your pictures are inspiring. See you in class. xD

  3. Gorgeous photos! Agree that it’s hard to accept they’re growing up. My excuse is not the speed (or lack of) at which she walks, more her refusal to hold my hand, or generally be restrained in any way! Oh the tantrums we have seen!

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