The Little Things

It feels as if winter is engaged in a battle with spring to cling onto it’s hold over England. Snow flurries, damp days and icy cold winds are interspersed with spells of sunshine so bright they make your eyes water.

It’s all too easy to complain and sink into a moaning pattern but I’m determined not to succumb to late winter misery. There are so many things to be happy about, I just have to remind myself to look out for them.

Here’s three little things that have brought me happiness in the past couple of days. Hope they inspire you to spot some happiness of your own if your spirits are feeling a little crushed.

Sadler pastel pink teapot

I found this little teapot last week in a charity shop and could not get to the counter fast enough to part with my £4. I am love with its lines and it’s soft pastel pink shade makes my heart sing. How could someone have parted with this beauty? I will happily give it a new home and admire it’s elegance every day.

Djeco crayons

These crayons make me smile. Aren’t they clever? They prove there’s beauty in simplicity.

Frosted glass door with hand behind

Last up, it’s an odd one but I can’t describe the happiness this brings me. Ok, I’ll try.

We have lived in our house for almost a year and all the interior doors are frosted glass. Great for letting light flow through the house but you can tell the person who installed them didn’t have children. No matter how clean my children’s hands look to the naked eye you can be sure that the glass doors will unveil their true grubbiness when pressed against the glass.

For a year I have been trying to work out how to clean them. Paper towel would leave bits of papery fluff adhered to the glass. Sprays of one kind and another would streak, smear and splatter the doors. I would try to avoid looking at their splotchy state. You can imagine my joy then when the other day I stumbled across a suggestion I hadn’t yet tried. And to my utter shock*, it worked and I now have clean doors. Their smear-free smoothness strokes my OCD tendencies in such blissful ways.

There you have it. Three little things that bring me pure happiness.

*Oh, you’re as sad as me when it comes to cleaning? You want to know what worked in the end? Baby oil. Who knew!

4 responses to “The Little Things

  1. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I’m also struggling with the late winter blues so I’m going to follow your lead and look out for three little things that will brighten my day!

  2. I love that teapot, especially.
    You are right to allow yourself to be made very happy by small things.
    Well, I’m sitting here writing Gothic stuff about The Daemon (a manifestation of a Byronic character who has no happiness in anything, let alone small things) who is winning the battle with the naive New Age counsellor sent to get rid of him, but looking beyond this imaginary scenario, there are crocuses and primroses out there, and that make me very happy. No lambs in the fields a bit further out of town yet, though, which is odd, as they always seem to be born unnaturally early…

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