8 Blogs that Rock and Why

childrens hands touchingI’m currently doing an e-course on blogging and part of the homework is to list 8 blogs you love. I love reading these type of posts because it’s the best way to find blogs I never knew existed, but wish I had found sooner!

When it came to doing my own list though…my god, it was SO hard to choose just 8.

In the end my list are blogs that I connect with. They inspire me, move me or have me drooling over pretty layout and design, and most of these do all these things at once. That’s not easy and I admire each and every one.

Girl’s Gone Child – You could pick a post at random and be in awe of the writing and photography. There is no flim flam here, every post counts and every post speaks to me in some way. None more than this post – Help is (not) a four letter word. I read it the other week and felt like laminating it and sticking to my wall. Rebecca, I salute you.

Apartment Therapy – So epic it hardly seems like a blog at all but I love the way it grows and grows but still keeps its own style. It inspires me to think about design and style, is constantly introducing me to new products and trends and there is so much great content that there is always something to read or pin. I probably spend the most time in the Family section for now but it hasn’t always been that way and I’m sure I’ll migrate tabs again in the future too.

Mamasaurus – Annie is the lady behind Mamasaurus and she was the first person who commented on this blog so will always hold a special place in my blog’s heart. She manages to do more than seems humanly possible for one person. Beautiful writing that is raw with emotion and honesty levels we should all aspire to, sumptuous photos accompanying the words and a design and layout that is constantly changing and evolving into better forms. She also specialises in saving the world through working with charities and has superpowers when it comes to uniting the online community. Don’t. Know. How. She. Does. It.

Dear Baby – I’ve been reading this blog for years and years and I feel like Melissa is family. She has a way of making you feel welcome and her writing is so beautifully natural. She writes in a style that makes it seem so, so easy. She has a gorgeous little family with kiddies similar ages to mine and I love, love, love looking at her photos and seeing what they are up to. If a week goes by that I don’t read her posts I find myself thinking I must check in on her. A blog that keeps you coming back for years is a blog to behold!

More Than Toast – Another blog I have been reading so long I can remember when Alice was pregnant with her first child and she now has two kiddies and a different blog entirely. I love the way Alice combines food, beauty, fashion, interiors and family while making it all completely personal. Her blog just flows seamlessly in a way I can only dream of. The way she is currently writing about her experience with PND moves me to tears. I know I couldn’t write about my own experience with PND at the time so I admire her bravery and ability to make it so humorous and honest.

Baby Space – I love looking at the rooms that Baby Space features and I love the product posts. Really clean design and beautiful photography keep me hooked on this blog. If you only read one post make it this one, my favourite of recent times: pondering: how to read a blog

And now for two blogs from my Blog Boss classmates, that I’ve only just discovered:

Joy, Lovely Joy – You know when you’ve found a blog you love when you can’t stop reading back through the archives even though you really should be *ahem* working. Totally addicted to this blog. I love, love, love her style of writing and the photos are gorgeous too.

North Leads to Home – A beautiful new blog that manages to be personal but totally packed with inspiration, in the design and interiors department in particular. Loads of products and tips and KiKi makes me feel as if I could actually be as creative as she is, no pretentious posts here! Let it be noted here that this blog will be BIG!

So there you have it – 8 blogs I love and why! Might not be the most interesting read for you, dear readers, but it was actually really enlightening for me and if I introduce just one person to just one of the blogs and they love it as much as I do then that would make me very happy indeed.

Happy reading!

10 responses to “8 Blogs that Rock and Why

  1. I’m doing a happy dance right now. What a lovely compliment to be featured on this list. I’ve not heard of Mamasaurus, Dear Baby, More Than Toast, or Baby Space before but I can tell at a glance that I will love them all. And I remember looking briefly at North Leads to Home but I totally spaced it so thanks for reintroducing me.

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