And Then You Were Two

Tomorrow you will turn two, little Shine of mine. At the moment you are growing and changing at such an incredible rate that it seems at the end of each day you have learnt new sayings and developed new looks and quirks. I love walking with you at my side, your teeny tiny hands bound in mine, your glee at new-found independence is infectious.

You melt the hearts of passersby with your sweet little wobbly gait. Don’t be too fooled though, you’re not all sweetness and light. You have a piercing shriek which probably deafens small animals. Your cries to get out of the buggy and demands for biscuits can be unbearable. You know what you want and are learning the hard way that you won’t always get it, at least not immediately anyway.

mother and daughter shadows

Your brother, who you have only ever called ‘Woody’, for no apparent reason, is the centre of your world. You adore him and the two of you now play sweetly, a change from the early days following your arrival when we would have to watch Sun’s strokes to your little hands didn’t turn into squeezes. Now he patiently teaches you new words and tricks. He is terrible for giving in to your shrieks and handing over whatever it is you desire because he can’t stand to see you upset. When I look at you together I’m so thankful that you have each other in this world.

I already see hints of the battles we will surely have in years to come, you are headstrong and fiery under that sweet exterior. For now I will soak in the magic of you being two. You asking me when I pick you up from the childminder if I ‘had a little nice time mummy?’, you professing your love, unprompted, ‘uv oo’. Even you following me around demanding to be picked up and cuddled. It won’t always be like this and while there are many aspects of you being two that aren’t much fun, there are far more that are glorious.

Happy birthday little Shine.


6 responses to “And Then You Were Two

  1. Happy, happy birthday, little Shine! We’re rounding the bend to two as well. How does it always happen so fast? Lovely post!

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