Some of my favourite photos of my children are the ones which capture their not-so-picture-perfect expressions. Of course I love photos of them smiling but I also love to capture their moodiness, jealousy, sadness, anger and so on.

Here’s Sun goofing around after the bath the other night. On the left, he looks exactly like me at his age. On the right, the expression he’s pulling I’ve seen many times before…on Bird’s face on a night out. Genetics in photographic form.

boy pulling faces

This photo I took of Shine this week I love too because it represents a side of her that I don’t often capture. It’s easy to post on my Instagram feed snap after snap of her looking sweet. It’s rarer for me to get a pic of her looking less than angelic. This was her refusing to share the ball at soft play. She wasn’t giving up that ball easily.

girl not sharing a ball

I’m linking up with the Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery this week where the theme is Expressions. Go check out some of the other pics.

And if you’re one of the few people in the world who haven’t voted yet for the BritMums Briliance in Blogging Awards then please vote for me! I’ve made the shortlist in the Family section. Amazing! I’ll take a photo of my expression and post it on my blog if I get to be a finalist, promise, it will be one of utter shock and gratitude.



5 responses to “Expressions

  1. The top one is very cool and love the slightly imperfect look down her nose ‘I deserve this ball and you don’t’ ;)) xx

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