Stop, Revive, Survive

This time last Friday I was sitting in the airport departures lounge looking down the barrel of a weekend away. No kids, no washing, no cooking for a whole three days.

Three days to hang out with an old friend, taking things slow and eating our way around Edinburgh. My god it was good.

I was so ready for the sanity check too having just spent almost two weeks solo parenting as Bird was away for work. Hats off to single parents everywhere. I was desperate for some time where I didn’t have to be the parent. I needed a break from sorting out the squabbling. A break from being the person responsible for ensuring that two little people (and occasionally one large person) sleep, eat and thrive.

And people, why didn’t anyone ever tell me that Edinburgh is so charming?? I’d never been to Scotland before and I was blown away by how beautiful it is. Granted, the weather lived up to expectations. It was chilly, windy and alternated erratically between sunshine, rain and hail, but even through that it still managed to win me over. Cafes galore, mainly run by antipodeans it would seem, more cake options than anywhere else I’ve been in the UK, as well as loads of independent stores and cool galleries. All that set amongst incredible architecture laid out between the sea and hilly backdrop.

Edinburgh, you were awesome. Just the thing I needed to remind myself that I am a person as well as a maker of toast, a runner of baths and a wiper of noses. I reckon another day or so away and I would have actually started to miss my little family and my place in it. Kidding!

coffee and cake in edinburghreading quoteWest Bow EdinburghBoy Street Art in EdinburghCalton Hill Observatory EdinburghCalton Hill Observatory EdinburghEdinburgh Castle in Spring

6 responses to “Stop, Revive, Survive

  1. I’ve never been but have heard great things about it. I may have to book myself a weekend away too.
    Glad you had a lovely ‘not being mummy’ weekend 🙂

  2. I went there for Hogmanay one year and moved there 6 weeks later. I stayed just under a year as I got a bit homesick for the warmth of south east England but it really is a stunning place. Can’t wait till the girls are big enough to take on holidays to Scotland!
    Glad you had a lovely break.

  3. I love Edinburgh, not been there for years but keep on to Papasaurus that we must go soon. I love your photos – especially the last one. What a smashing break for you! x

  4. Those photos make me want to go to Edinburgh too! I think there should be official laws about intermittent weekends away from all things motherly. 🙂

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