Let it Go | Imperfect Jam Tarts

This isn’t a post with photos of perfectly made jam tarts, so even in shape and size and crisp-looking that you just want to reach through the screen and take a bite. No, you won’t find any perfect jam tarts here. We have Pinterest if we need to salivate over photos of perfect jam tarts. Perfect jam tarts made by adults, because let’s be real, those tarts aren’t made by 4 and 2 year olds. This is what those jam tarts look like.

jam tarts

Last weekend I had an exercise in letting go of the motherhood reins, something that doesn’t come naturally for me. I watched Sun teach Shine how to make jam tarts. Jam tarts were one of the first things I cooked with Sun when he was almost 1 and he loves making them. Well, he loves eating them and he knows the making leads to the eating!

I was about to make them with Sun when Shine came into the kitchen and wanted a piece of the action. As I was dragging a second chair up alongside the bench for her, I had a moment. A moment of stepping back, quite literally, and watching my two children visibly grow before me. Do you have moments like that? When you can actually see them grow up a little? I realised my children could manage without me on this one and instead it was my chair that I pulled back and I sat down to watch.

Sun was in his element. To say he is a natural teacher puts his bossy tendencies rather nicely. It was difficult watching the flour cascade to the floor and to witness the jam jar get nudged dangerously close to the edge of the bench. I cringed a little as I watched the teaspoons fall inside the jam jar and witnessed their tiny fingers get coated in jammy goodness.

I didn’t need to say, ‘make sure you roll the pastry out nice and thin’, Sun had it covered. He proudly handed down his knowledge, taking care to tell her to move her fingers out from under the cutter before pressing down. That was a heart-in-mouth moment! He even gently scolded her for licking her fingers, cheeky hypocrite that he is.

They didn’t turn out picture perfect but watching them make them together was a little joy on an otherwise ordinary day. Those are the little joyful bursts that carry me through hours of less than perfect moments, afterall.

children making jam tartschildren making jam tartsboy filling jam tartsjam tarts made by children______________________________________________________

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7 responses to “Let it Go | Imperfect Jam Tarts

  1. That’s a lovely post, and those seem pretty good jam tarts to me given how young they are. Some of mine don’t look much better, but I was always a sloppy cook. I’ve voted for you for the award.

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