Shine is beginning to talk in full sentences now. She’s moved beyond putting one or two words together and is starting to express herself more clearly with every day that passes.

The worst thing about this is that she is becoming very clear with her demands, likes and dislikes.

Yesterday after her nap I asked her if she wanted a kiwi for afternoon tea and she promptly burst into tears. She was clearly still in that post-nap fragile state. She stopped crying just long enough to say, ‘I don’t really like kiwi, mummy, I really like orange’. Who am I to argue with that?

The best thing about her blossoming articulation is that I get to see more of her (slightly bonkers) personality through her speech, and hear what’s going on in that cute little head of hers.

For example…

This morning we were walking along the street and she was singing a song. I couldn’t make out the words and didn’t recognise the tune so I asked her what she was singing about.

Shine: A song about beer, Mummy.
Me: You’re singing a song about a bear?
Shine: No, Mummy, a song about beer. I ‘ike beer, Mummy.
Me: Beer, that you drink?
Shine: ‘es Mummy.

Before you get concerned, I’ve never given her beer, I promise!

When I have work to do she often sits at her little table next to me drawing and babbling away and I have to say she is fast becoming my favourite office buddy ever.girl drawing

girl drawing

3 responses to “Chatterbox

  1. Adorable photos! She looks so happy.
    My daughter’s first sentence came when I was telling her off about somehthing{ “Nasty Mummy, No Talk Any More!”

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