The long overdue arrival of some sunshine and warmth is making my spirits soar. I think the same can be said for my two little mischief-makers.

These two, who normally grump their way through breakfast, are morphing into happy morning people, thanks to the sun. They sit and scoff their cereal in peaceful silence so they can race to get dressed and out into the garden for a run about before we have to head out the door.

I find myself looking at them and feeling very thankful that sometimes one plus one can play happily as two.

brother and sister jump in morning sun


The theme at The Gallery is Two this week. Check out the interpretations over at Sticky Fingers.


10 responses to “Two

  1. Love this – looks like he’s floating in the air. Having two is great isn’t it ? Kitty and Ozzy run off now chattering to each other, making plans for what they’ll play tomorrow – they called up stairs at the weekend and they’d only gone and made a little pretend shop!

    • It’s only been in the last 6 months I’d say that mine are actually playing together rather than alongside each other and it really is great to see. I bet Ozzy and Kitty are loving playing in Ozzy’s newly jazzed up room, it looks fabulous!

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