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Now technically we’ve already had our summer holiday. We went to Australia last November/December when it was summer there so that was really our summer break. We knew when we booked that trip that it would pretty much put paid to any idea of a summer holiday here this year because it was such a costly trip.

It was worth every penny though to spend time with my family and watch the children explore the beach.

boy playing on beach with dump trucktoddler at water's edge

The fact that we’ve already had a summer holiday, and an amazing one at that, is not really helping right now to ease my pangs of jealousy when I hear people talking about their upcoming summer holidays.

After the grey, cold, miserable start to the year it’s almost a physical need, rather than a mere desire, to feel warm sun on my skin.

I really want to escape to the beach on summer breaks this year. Especially as the children are loving swimming at the moment.

Sun is only a few weeks into his first term of proper swimming lessons and I didn’t know I could feel as proud as I did watching him work his way through the water on his own last weekend.

Growing up myself in a culture that worships the water, it has always been really important to me that my children learn to swim and develop a love of the water too.

The first lesson Sun had without us in the pool he cried through most of the lesson. Bird took him rather than me and it was probably just as well as I don’t know if I would have been able to stay back and watch him be so upset. I worried that maybe by making him do lessons when he was clearly feeling very vulnerable without that one-on-one support in the pool, and arm bands, that we would scare him off water altogether.

Bird gently persuaded me we should give him a few weeks to see how things went and it was just as well because now Sun is becoming more and more confident each week and is clearly so proud of himself. It really is lovely to see.

boy waiting for swimming lesson

So as this year a family holiday to Barbados or Corsica or Sardinia is out of reach I’ve found myself desperately googling short breaks in the uk. If we are staying in the UK then I’m thinking a family resort might be the way to go. I’ve never been to one before and am, I admit, a little bit scared.

I was asked to write this post for Butlins and I’ve just been scanning their site and reading reviews and I’m now considering trying out one of their summer breaks. The children would love the water parks, the accommodation looks great and if (when) the weather is less than perfect we won’t be desperately having to come up with things to keep the children amused.

I’m loving the thought of not having to plan anything either. Does all the holiday planning fall to you too? The hours that go into searching airfares, working out car hire, looking at holiday rentals. It’s endless planning. The thought of picking a date at a family holiday resort, booking and turning up to enjoy some time away from home that I haven’t planned is very appealing indeed!

Have you been to a family resort like Butlins? Come tell me your experiences!


This post is sponsored but all words and thoughts are mine. If I do go to Butlins I’ll be sure to let you know what it’s like!

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