6 New Baby Gift Ideas | Sponsored Post

There is currently a mini baby boom among my friends and family and most of the babies arriving will be 2nd or 3rd additions. This means when it comes to buying a present for the new baby I’m pretty sure they will already have most things they need and an extra soft toy or cute onesie won’t be required!

So what to get?

My top new baby gift would be to give your time. Doesn’t cost you anything and will be most appreciated.

I’ll be offering to babysit or take older children out for a couple of hours. Offering to visit and put a wash on, change the beds or do another little household chore. Helping out with pick-ups and drop-offs if there are older kids at nursery or school.

Another thing I love to do is give meals. Pack them in containers ready for the freezer and in a few weeks when all the new baby help is subsiding they will appreciate tucking into a meal they haven’t had to cook.

If I’m not nearby and can’t offer my time or meals then I try and get something for the mum. You can bet that most people will get a present for the new little bubba and I think it’s so nice to think of the mum. Chances are they won’t be thinking of themselves for a long while.

6 New Baby Gift Ideas | Bluebirdsunshine

Given I lived in my robe after having a baby, I’d buy them a lovely robe so even if they are living in a bathrobe, they are living in a luxurious robe!

I also love to put together a little basket of goodies for the mum including things like healthy snacks, herbal tea, lip balm and a dry shampoo for the days when you don’t have time to wash your hair. This Klorane one is ace.

If money were no object then I’d get the family an iPad or iPad mini. A godsend for occupying time while breastfeeding, or keeping older children amused while you feed/change/bathe/rock the new little bubba.

If the family didn’t have a DSLR camera and I had all the money in the world then I’d get them one of those too. They’re going to be taking lots of family photos and you can’t beat a good DSLR. I have a Canon EOS and even if you shoot on manual mode the photos are so much better than photos taken on a smartphone, ideal if you want to print your photos later on down the road.

My final gift idea for a new baby would be to get the family a gift voucher. I always go with a big store like John Lewis that way if what they really need is a new pair of shoes for an older child they can get just that!


This is a sponsored post but all the gift ideas and opinions are straight from me!

3 responses to “6 New Baby Gift Ideas | Sponsored Post

  1. Those jingly soft ball things don’t seem to last, so maybe one of those, too? They’re so nice…
    Nominated you on blog if you want to claim that badge.


  2. Great ideas! My neighbor just had her second baby and I’ve been trying to come up with a gift idea. They’ve been inundated with meals, which are always thoughtful and convenient, but I want to do something different. Love the gift basket idea!

    • The gift baskets are brill because you can tailor it a bit to suit your friend. I just gave one to a friend who is having a tough time with breastfeeding and I packed it with things like almonds and oat snacks from the health food store to help sustain her milk supply.

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