Thirty Five

I don’t think often about age but when a birthday rolls around and I’m confronted with another year passing there’s no escaping the self evaluation that naturally occurs. Usually how good I’m feeling about my birthday depends on if I’m happy with where I am at that point in my life. Are my expectations tallying up with my life? Am I in a good place?

Tomorrow I’ll be 35. Being bang in the centre of my thirties and entering a new age bracket makes it seem bigger than last year’s jump from 33 to 34. I feel like I still have a lot I’d like to achieve in my thirties and I’m halfway through so pressure is gently building.

Focusing on this birthday though, and not the next 5, I’m happy with where I am and where I’m going. Bring on the birthday!


When Sun and Shine have a birthday I like posting a little update on what they’re up to, so what am I up to aged 35?

Eating: I’m coming to terms with the fact that while I love sugar, it doesn’t love me. I have recently bought agave syrup. Yes, change is afoot.
Wearing: I’d love to make a permanent move away from heels and into comfy, but hopefully stylish, flats. I’m wondering if this is allowed at 35 or if I’m resigning from heel wearing too early. Skinny jeans are my current mum uniform. An improvement on my mum uniform two years ago, which was sweats and uggs. Some days I even wear foundation (rather than tinted moisturiser) AND mascara, for no reason at all. This is big!
Listening: I’m mainly listening to my children make a lot of noise. If I can hear anything over that then it’s Passenger, The Civil Wars, Gabrielle Aplin, The Oh Hello’s, Laura Mvula, Phildel and Ice Ice Baby (as requested about a dozen times a day by Shine).
Learning: How not to be a grumpy cow. How to be grateful for what I have. How to use the manual mode on my DSLR. How to garden. How to crochet.

Clarks Shoes 80s and 2013So there we go, here I am on the cusp of 35 – happy, inspired, tired…very much in need of a couple of days away. Best get packing!

7 responses to “Thirty Five

  1. Happy birthday!!!! Love the dress you’re wearing in the last photo (and the shoes) xx

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Lush photos – and shoes! I too am trying to learn the manual setting on my camera – it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be! Now can we give you the ‘bumps’ ? 🙂

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