When I saw the theme this week at The Gallery was Sun I couldn’t help but think of the Sun from this blog. My boy, Sun.

4yrs, 7 months and 2 days ago he came screaming into the world and I can’t remember what life was like before his energy transformed my very being.

He starts school in September and I can feel my emotions swelling and churning as the day approaches. Purely selfish, but I will miss having him to myself. He goes to nursery now but somehow school feels different. I went to an assembly at his new school the other day and I was fighting back tears looking at the older children and being struck by the idea that he will be one of those older children in no time at all.

Some days I worry I’m not doing enough to keep his spirit free and help him to retain his unique character and vivacious nature. Other days I worry I’m not doing enough to help him to learn when it’s time to be still and listen to the world around him.

For now I am soaking in his energy, and enjoying watching him bounce towards me with shells he has picked from thousands especially for me.

This is my boy, Sun.

boy holding shell out

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

13 responses to “Sun

  1. What a wonderful post and a fabulous photo. They grow up far too quickly don’t they. I can’t believe mine is two and a half already 🙂

  2. Such a lovely picture. I have been very lucky with my Amy’s school as they have managed to channel and nurture her enthusiasm and imagination.

  3. great photo and brilliant post. Love your children’s names! I have a four year old too who starts school in September so can empathise with your feelings. My eldest though is 6 and school is bringing out the best in him. Enjoy the summer!

  4. Beautiful post, and even more beautiful photo. School has been wonderful for my older boy, he loves it, and his enthusiasm is infectious. There are so many new and exciting things to learn x #TheGallery

  5. he’s gorgeous! i’ve just written a post about my eldest starting high school…now that’s scary stuff!! fingers crossed both our bois have the best of times in their new schools! xx

  6. Ah Ozzy starts school in September too and I’m torn between feeling sad that I’ll be without my little daytime pal and feeling excited that he’s about to start a new chapter in life, to live and learn and make lots of new friends!
    Beautiful photo of Sun x

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