Living with a 2 Year Old

Shine is 2 years and 3 months old and it’s an awesome phase, although utterly exasperating, exhausting and awesome in equal measures. Anyone else have a 2 year old who is like this will know what I mean.

She is fiercely independent. I do it is repeated about 17,384 times a day. Often followed by a plea of mummy do it if she can’t quite do exactly as she wants immediately. This is new to me as Sun will happily have me do everything for him if he can get away with it. Shine not only wants to dress herself, she wants to dress me and Sun as well. This leads either to us being late or being on time but with a teary toddler in tow who’s outraged I didn’t let her attempt to buckle my sandals for the billionth time.

She is catching up with her peers and learning to climb and run with a bit more agility. This is great to see but also nerve wracking when she decides to try to climb out of the trolley while my back is turned.Β She wants to do everything her big brother does, despite not always having the physical ability to do so. Queue much frustration and tears.

She has mastered using the toilet and with it discovered a skill for speedy disrobing which she likes to practice at every opportunity. In her mind it is completely necessary to be naked before going for a wee. Much easier than trying to hold your dress out of the way!

She has found doll love and it’s brilliant. She will sit and play with her baby dolls, contentedly washing their faces, putting them to bed, feeding them and taking them for walks. Unfortunately she also loves to dress and undress them. On loop. And with much input from me. Mummy take the baby’s shoes off. I oblige. One minute later, Mummy put the baby’s shoes on. Repeat until I am close to binning all baby doll clothes and shoes while Shine sleeps and telling her baby likes to be naked too when she asks where the clothes have gone.

She has also realised it would be very nice to eat just biscuits and cakes. She tries her luck and asks for a biscuit a few dozen times a day despite knowing she won’t get one. Got to love her persistence.

I always think it’s no coincidence that newborn babies learn to smile around the 6 week mark when you’re utterly exhausted and in need of the boost. I think it’s also no coincidence then that toddlers are adorable, engaging and affectionate to balance out their infuriating tendencies.

About 307 times a day Shine will say Mummy and wait for me to answer, yes honey?, before saying I uv oo. Much needed to balance out the I do its!

toddler with a camera

16 responses to “Living with a 2 Year Old

  1. Ha, ha, Bluebird (once Caramel) she sounds just like my daughter was at 2. I predict she will be a clever girl (It’s lucky she says that sweet thing and looks angelic). I didn’t have words to describe my OH’s wilfulness. She had always been a tryrant;( nobody except OH believes me, but at seven months, when I took an unusual way home, she screamed with rage, and pointed at the usual direction) but at two it hit a new level; she used to strip off and run about naked the whole time, insisted on sleeping in her own room, said little but ‘No!’ and once had a tantrum that lasted forty five minutes while I waited it out, looking, I heard from someone who passed me and decided not to say hello, ‘thunderous’…

    • Yep, that sounds like my girl. She is the worst back seat driver & she’s just 2. She shouts at me to go when the light goes green and gets upset when I don’t turn down the road to go in the direction of the ducks in town. Madness! Tell me your girl is now charming & delightful please!

      • Lol, bluebird! I would love to say she is all sweetnes and light, but she’s a teenager, now…She is very honourable and brave, and much more clever than I am, but I have to say the coments like, ‘Leather trousers, Mum? At YOUR age? That’s too sad,’ don’t delight me. She was delightful between three and eleven, however, so you have some lovely times to look forward to.

  2. Awww that’s just lovely. My little boy is 2 and 4 months and is very similar, he now likes to crash his cars, then use up all the baby wipes for cleaning his cars, then crash the cars, then clean the cars – you get the idea! I agree they are very cute at this age, we can have such lovely little conversations with them. X

  3. O the joy of 2 year olds. I think our little girls are, more or less, the same age so this is all happening in our household too. I don’t know what it is about little girls and dolls but I’ve come to appreciate my daughter’s efforts with her favourite friends: she just loves to give them a pat and put them to sleep. I can’t believe that you get 307 ‘I uv oo’s… that’s ‘loads’!

  4. Also sounds similar! Mine is 2 years and almost 5 months and has the ‘Nicholas do it!’ mantra going on, but doesn’t like help. His other common phrase at the moment is ‘Mummy, no pants!’ as he strips his clothes off and runs into the garden. Both his parents are very stubborn and I was thinking it was hereditary πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh Naomi! I read this a few days ago and said out loud whilst standing in the kitchen: “I hear you Naomi and I am sending you love and good vibes from across the other side of the world as we both tough it out with our little ones!” – and then I giggled! While I was talking to myself Max was being his usual 2 years and 3 month self πŸ™‚ Adorable but trying, at times!

    • Sending good vibes & additional supplies of patience right back your way πŸ™‚ As I type S has just accidentally dropped a plate of quinoa on the floor. Give me strength & a DustBuster!

  6. Shine must be almost exactly the same age as my independent little girl (2 on Apr 15) and I could have written this myself. She softens me up by whispering ‘I missed you’ in my ear when I come home from work πŸ™‚

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