Banana Baking Bonanza | Banana Bread & Sugar-Free Banana Flapjacks

On Sunday it cooled down ever so slightly and our planned morning trip to the lido was shelved. It was actually really nice to be cool enough to crank up the oven in the kitchen and do some baking. I had a glut of bananas that needed saving but I’m still on the sugar free bandwagon so I had to bake things I could freeze or give away.

First up, a loaf of banana bread – here’s my banana bread recipe. Freezes really well and is perfect stand-by fodder for cake emergencies.

Second lot of bananas I made banana and coconut flapjacks, with the children as sous chefs. Recipe was inspired by Mammasaurus’s flapjack extravaganza.

I used the cherry flapjack recipe but substituted the raisins and cherries for 2 mashed bananas, added 100g coconut (because my name is Blue and I have a coconut addiction) and I substituted the sugar for agave nectar (I used 1 tbsp). I popped some dried apricots on the top too because I found a very sticky pack that needed rescuing after being accidentally covered in honey.

Banana bread | Banana Flapjack | Bluebirdsunshine

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