Hook, Line and Sinker | Crochet Camp 2013

learning to crochet

And so it begins. I’m teaching myself to crochet. Bird laughed when he saw me wrestling with the hook and joked about me officially being a nanna now. Hey, I say, whatever old man, I know crochet is cool. Besides, crochet is helping me stay young by keeping my brain whirring and learning new things. I make no excuses!

When I saw Kat Goldin was running a Crochet Camp I jumped at the chance to learn. I’m always admiring other people’s crochet projects and the chance to learn with a little hand holding from experienced crochet peeps was too good to pass up. The other thing that appealed was the kit. Whenever I’ve looked into crochet for beginners in the past I’ve been baffled by what yarns to start with, what hooks I need and what patterns to begin.

unravelling yarn learning to crochet

This is learning to crochet for (ever-so-slightly) lazy people. All the hard work has been done for me by Kat. I have my crochet kit at the ready and I’m well underway.

crochet row

crochet square

Project one is done – a charming little potholder – and while it is riddled with mistakes and I won’t be opening my Etsy shop just yet, I love it.crochet potholder for beginners

I’m seeing yarn over, pull through, when I close my eyes at night as I’m staying up late weaving the thread together…and loving it.

Slugs On The Refrigerator Crochet Camp

11 responses to “Hook, Line and Sinker | Crochet Camp 2013

    • You should try the Crochet Camp if you want to give it another go. There’s no way I could have done it without the help from the people on the fb group for the camp.

  1. How awesome! I’m so terrible at things like this (knitting, crochet, sewing..!) but it always makes me smile to see others making crochet things – it reminds me of family for some reason and cute hand made gifts!

    • I’m not a natural either but I love trying. Don’t think I’ll make anything good enough to gift any time soon πŸ™‚ Hope you’re settling in to the new home!

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