Vintage Sweetness

I love vintage dresses for little girls and am amassing quite a collection so it’s a good thing the weather has finally warmed up and I can start laying them out for Shine to wear.

Here’s a few of my favourites.

vintage orange girl's sundress

orange girls vintage dress

LOVE the seersucker. More seersucker needed in girl’s clothing today I say.

girls vintage sundress

girls vintage sundress

I can not go past a scalloped edge. This was £1.50 in my local charity shop and looked like it had never been worn. I had to rescue it so it could have its day on my girl. I adore the little embroidered details.

girls vintage cherry dress

girls vintage cherry dress

girls vintage cherry dress

This one I know more of it’s history as it was mine when I was a little girl. My grandma made it for me. The cotton is so fine that I wince when Shine runs in it in case she slips and falls onto it as it will surely rip. It would be a shame to wrap it in tissue paper for the future when there’s a little girl who can dance and skip in it today.

Do you have a thing for vintage kid’s clothes? Tell me your secret stores so I can continue to build Shine’s collection.

Linking up to Magpie Monday this week over at Me and my shadow. Go check out other people’s finds.

16 responses to “Vintage Sweetness

  1. They are lovely. You are very visual – love the combination of the clothes against the blue sky. So that is ‘seersucker’? I learn something every day. I picked up a wonderful sweater for my little horror when she was little in a charity shop – Little Boo Peep on one side and all the sheep on the other, she loved it.

    • Such a shame they don’t sell, often vintage clothes last so much longer than modern clothes for kids, and washes better. I dare not go on eBay these days lest I buy up every gorgeous thing I see!

  2. Love them! I too have a thing for vintage dresses and seersucker and scallops. I’m a little annoyed that my daughter has her own taste in clothing now. 😉 That will happen before you know it so pile on the vintage sweetness while you can!

    • I plan on avoiding letting her choose her clothes as long as possible. She already has a strong view on what to wear of her clothes but lucky she has no say in what’s in her wardrobe yet 🙂

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