Through the door

Boy sitting in a tent playing with a teddy

This summer a door is slowly swinging shut on a part of Sun’s life. I’m looking through the door and watching Sun as he approaches the change that is coming, unaware of the significance of starting school.

He has never been one to linger. He runs through doors, excited to see what lies ahead, rarely looking back.

I hover under the lintel a moment, quietly saying goodbye to what has come before, sad to shut the door on the early part of his life.

I’ll hold his hand and let him pull me into the next room, the next chapter. I’ll hold his hand until he’s ready to let mine go.


I’m linking up with The Gallery this week where the theme is Door. Love the theme this week, check out some of the other entries if you have a chance.

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17 responses to “Through the door

  1. Oh gosh, Blue, your posts so often get me all teary and emotional. As you know, my son and daughter are the same age as yours, so we are approaching that same milestone with school (haven’t bought uniform yet – am I putting it off, I wonder?) while my little girl tries to assert her independence by endlessly trying to achieve tasks alone that she can’t quite manage (yet!). Hope you enjoy the rest of this special summer. x

    • No uniform bought here yet either…I’m putting it off in case of last minute growth spurts, or so I tell myself that’s the reason for delaying 😉 You enjoy the summer too! x

  2. Beautiful picture of Sun. How wonderful he has a new exciting room to explore 🙂

  3. Beautiful photo. I felt this way last year when my daughter was about to start Kindergarten, but it didn’t take long for me to find comfort in her school, her teachers, the way everyone nurtured these kids who were still babies in a lot of ways. By the time summer arrived, we were both sad to say goodbye to the school year. I hope your Sun has a similarly positive experience this year (and you too, mama).

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