Play nicely

Every now and then my children play together in harmony. In between the teasing and the tears sometimes this happens and I like to record it when it does.

children playing


I’m linking up with The Gallery this week where the theme is Play. Check out some of the other entries if you have a chance.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

13 responses to “Play nicely

    • Mine are getting better at playing together, which gives me hope that they’ll enjoy each other’s company as they grow together. The bickering is so grating isn’t it! Now I have new sympathy for how my mum felt when we would shout ‘muuuuuuuuum, he/she did xxxx to me’ 🙂

  1. That’s a lovely picture. You have to capture the moments when they are playing nicely together, so you can remind yourself, when they aren’t getting on so well, that sometimes they can play nicely 🙂

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