Approaching a Crochet Epiphany

christmas bunting | bluebirdsunshineYou know what? I’m starting to find crocheting relaxing.

It’s been 4 weeks since I first picked up a hook and I’ve got to a point where if I’m repeating a stitch and not starting a new pattern I get these moments of absolute calm. I’ve heard it said before and it’s true!

There is something so very relaxing about the rhythmic nature of threading yarn around a hook and weaving it in, out, in, out, fibres slipping through your fingers.

My tension is all over the shop and I’m not entirely pleased with my final results. Proud at having persevered, yes, but not admiring of my baggy stitches and wonky sides. When I attempt something for the first time I require absolute silence and 100% concentration and often find myself unravelling at the same rate as the stitches I have botched…but, but, but…I can see the light.

A craft epiphany is coming. I can see it around the bend. I can see how this crochet lark could be very relaxing, not to mention addictive.

I’m linking up with The Gallery this week where the theme is Relax. Check out some of the other entries if you have a chance.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

9 responses to “Approaching a Crochet Epiphany

      • i soo am! tonight i fancy making some boot cuff warmer thingybobs…the list goes on and on really! husband asked me the other week what i wanted for my birthday and when i replied “wool” his face was a picture!! check out wool and the gang if you haven’t already…bloody brilliant stuff!

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