In the garden

Did somebody tell the summer it’s time to shift along to make way for autumn? That’s how it has felt in my garden this week.

The sweet peas and strawberries are finished and the tomatoes are stubbornly refusing to budge further along in their ripening process. I think they’re waiting for a spell of warm sunshine that may never come.

Even though the paddling pool has been put away and it feels like a chapter has ended, we’ve still been taking every opportunity we get to potter round the garden.

We’ve been on daily apple collecting missions.

toddler collecting apples

Sadly they fall directly onto pavers, thanks to a stupid decision made by the previous house owner to pave beneath the apple tree. Unless they fall into my hands, they smash onto the slabs and bruise instantly.

bruised apples

I’m sure they’ll still be delicious cooked up into apple sauce or an apple pie. The ones I can get to before the worms do anyhow!

apple with worm hole

The cooler weather has been great for the herbs and the little blue flowers in hanging baskets. They were looking a little sad at the height of summer so I’m happy to see they’ve pulled through and are flourishing.

blue flowers in hanging basket

Oh and of course the grass continues to grow up between the pavers at a faster rate than I can pull it out.

grass between pavers

I wonder what’s growing in Mammasaurus’s garden this week…Clickety click below to find out.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

17 responses to “In the garden

  1. Ooo CIDER! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh I love that first photo especially – those little feet and those beautiful apples all together *happy sigh*

    You need a giant roll of bubble wrap laid out on those pavers! Lovely photos and I thank you for joining in sweet cheeks x

    • Thanks for saving my linky limbo.

      Bubble wrap would be ace…keeping the kiddies off it would be interesting. Can just imagine the fun they’d have racing over the bubbles on their bikes! X

  2. That first picture of the apples in the basket remind me of the home I grew up in – we had an apple tree that produced similar looking apples. They got bruised and wormy too, so they either went to the horses, applesauce or apple butter. Apple cider is a great idea though – bring on fall!

  3. If your apples are falling, it is time to pick them. Canning apple sauce would be great to enjoy during the rest of the year. πŸ™‚

  4. That first photo is great, such nice composition. There is definitely an autumnal feel in the air isn’t there? Evenings are getting a bit fresh and it’s not light as early as normal.

    • I don’t mind it being darker in the mornings. One of the only positives about the end of summer I think as it might mean extra sleeping for my children in the mornings. I should stress *might* πŸ™‚

  5. wait a minute Autumn…my mum says that it’s going to get very warm again towards the end of the week (and that is based on countryfile so it must be 100% accurate). He he…

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