Sunshine and Strawberries

brother and sister strawberry pickingThe other weekend we went strawberry picking at a local farm, as we did last year. I was totally struck by the difference a year has made to our family dynamics.

Last year, I was carrying Shine in the sling as she wasn’t walking. She was in heaven being close to me but head height with a seemingly endless supply of juicy strawberries. I was in control though, able to step back and stop her from reaching the fruit if I thought she should have a pause.

Last year, Sun was off running up and down the rows following Bird and hunting for berries that dangled low enough for him to pick. He proudly carried the punnet and transferred all berries after close inspection. He was almost oblivious to Shine and I as he darted back and forth among the rows.

A short 12 months later and Sun and Shine run together picking the fruit. She looks up to him, quite literally, taking in his guidance. He still holds the punnet but this year I felt a shift in control. It’s no longer me that Shine looks to all the time. If Sun is about then he’s the one she wants to watch.

Both of them were oblivious to Bird and I for the most part, off on their own little adventure.

boy and girl picking strawberries

boy and girl picking strawberries

boy and girl picking strawberries

strawberry picking

children strawberry picking

boy and girl with punnet of strawberries

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