Mini Sandwich Sponges with Passionfruit – GBBO #1

Mini Victoria Sponges with Passionfruit Filling | BluebirdsunshineThe new series of the Great British Bake Off started this week and it’s all too exciting. I’ve watched since S1E1 and it’s my favourite foodie show. I love the BBC production values, the tongue-in-cheek humour, the slow reveal of the contestants character…and of course the baking.

My Instagram feed was awash with GBBO tags following the new episode and when I saw that Jenny (Mummy Mishaps) and Helen (The Crazy Kitchen) were starting up a Great Bloggers Bake Off I had to join in.

This week the show kicked off with Sandwich Sponges, Chocolate Cakes and Angel Food Cake. I LOVE Victoria Sponges so thought I’d do something I’ve wanted to try for awhile – mini victoria(ish) sandwiches. I flavoured the cream filling with passionfruit and left off the jam so strictly no longer a ‘Victoria’ but delish all the same.

I used Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich Recipeย and was inspired by Delia’s Passionfruit Sponge Filling.

As well as challenging myself to bake new things, I also want to push myself to photograph the end results the best I can too. I’m off piste and using the manual mode with my DSLR nowadays but the learner plates are still firmly on. What’s better to photograph than cakes? They don’t move and you can eat them after. Hooray!

I think a lot of us participating in the GBBO have an extra challenge to contend with – who else has little helpers like this contributing to their bakes? Maybe the BBC GBBO should have a week where the contestants have to bake with the help of a toddler, that would be fun to see!

Kids Baking in bluebirdsunshine kitchen

mummy mishaps


15 responses to “Mini Sandwich Sponges with Passionfruit – GBBO #1

  1. ooh these look very cute and delicious! I’m the same as you with my camera – still finding my feet on manual – getting there slowly!
    Thanks for joining in with the #GreatBloggersBakeOff

  2. i want to make some mini victoria sponge cakes one day – the passion fruit filling really make these cakes look so pretty and inviting.the styling looks great – this is what i will be working on also moving forward x

    • Without the passionfruit I think they could have been all a bit too cakey but the tang made them very edible ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait for next week’s challenge. Can we style bread to look as good? We’ll see! x

  3. They are so sweet, and beautifully photographed! I will also be baking my way through the challenges with a couple of little ones ‘helping’ me, it certainly does add an extra challenge to the baking!

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