Not Quite Autumn

Turns out it is not quite autumn in my garden afterall.

Last week I declared my tomatoes a failure, prematurely it seems. On the up this week in my garden: one lovely looking tomato.

one lonely tomato | bluebirdsunshine

Also continuing to ripen and provide me with a reason to make compote and crumbles: the apples!

apples | bluebirdsunshine

I’m trying to focus on the summer but still out of the corner of my eye I can’t help but notice that the lavender is well and truly finished. It’s getting a spooky covering of cobweb that’s a tad halloween.

spooky lavender | bluebirdsunshine

The colour is leaking out of some of the hydrangea blooms too. No more near-neon blue, they’re mellowing to equally stunning shades of pale, milky, pinky grey.

fading hydrangeas | bluebirdsunshine

I wonder what’s growing in Mammasaurus’s garden this week…Clickety click below to find out.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

9 responses to “Not Quite Autumn

  1. On the bright side, failing tomatoes means lots of ingredients for green tomato chutney 🙂 I love this time of year because blackberries and apples are ready about the same time, which means lots and lots of crumbles. Nom!

  2. Ahhh the lonely tomato – mine hasn’t been very productive either. Our lavender here still has a little purple left – I must admit I find it really interesting seeing how different areas of the country differ with these thing (yes I am saddo). So apple crumble then Halloween yes?

    Thanks for sharing – lovely photos, just lovely x

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