Tiramisu Trifle | GBBO #3

Tiramisu Trifle | BluebirdsunshineThis week on the Great British Bake Off there were tantalising trifles, dreamy iles flottante and pretty petit fours. For the Great Bloggers Bake Off I thought I’d tackle a trifle. Sun has just finished his first week of school, and it was a short week of only 3 days, and I’m exhausted. Nevermind how he’s feeling, there was such a build up to the big day and it was so emotional that I feel utterly wiped out.

Only fitting then that I blend a tiramisu – literally ‘pick me up’ in Italian – and a trifle. I used a mish mash of recipes as I was winging it a bit really. The tiramisu recipe in Jamie’s Italy was the foundation but I tweaked it a bit to turn it into a trifle.

Savoiardi biscuits on the bottom, dipped in espresso coffee spiked and sweetened with Chambord. A layer of sweetened mascarpone. A layer of coffee jelly, which I made. The coffee jelly turned out really bitter, not tasty on its own, but yum with all the sweet biscuit and mascarpone mix. Top layer is whipped double cream and a final grating of dark chocolate. (UPDATE: More details of how I made them below the pic)

Tiramisu Trifle | Bluebirdsunshine

GREAT JELLY UPDATE: A few people asked for a bit more detail on how to make the coffee jelly. I used Dr Oetker gelatine powder and followed the guide on the packet for the liquid ratio. I meant to buy gelatine leaves, but picked up the wrong pack by mistake. I’d advise using leaves if you can, it’s less fiddly when it comes to measuring and you don’t get any problems with the gelatine dissolving.

That said, the powder worked just fine, so for 4 glasses of trifle…

Make 225ml espresso coffee, set aside. I didn’t sweeten the coffee but it was very bitter on its own, which I think worked well with the layers of the tiramisu trifle, but if you like things sweeter then add 1tsp of sugar to your coffee. Sprinkle 5g gelatine powder over 60ml boiling water and whisk like mad for it to dissolve. Add the gelatine mix to the coffee, stir, and pour into 4 ramekins.
If you want to get the trifle assembled in half hour or so – if like me, you’re on a school run deadline, or like pretending you’re using a blast chiller in Masterchef – put the ramekins on a tray and pop them in the freezer for 10 minutes to kick start the setting then transfer them to the fridge while you get on with the other elements (the jelly will be ready to use after a further 30 minutes in the fridge).

While the jelly sets…

Whip 500g mascarpone with 4 tbsp caster sugar and the seeds from 2 vanilla pods until smooth and creamy. Whisk 250ml double cream until it just holds soft peaks. Cut your biscuits to size, dip in espresso coffee sweetened with Chambord (or a liquor of our choice) and gently squeeze them into place in the bottom of the glass. Pipe a thin layer of mascarpone over the biscuit base and you’re ready to get the jelly out of the fridge.

I had visions that the jelly would come out of the ramekin and plop into the glass as a neat layer. I hadn’t realised the ramekin was slightly smaller than my glass, doh, so it came out of the ramekins beautifully (*cheers*) but then I had to gently break it up with my fingers (*weeps*) and layered it into the glass taking care to drop it all around the edge of the glass so you could see the jelly layer.

Pipe more mascarpone over the jelly then finish off with whipped double cream and the grated chocolate. Put back in the fridge until you’re ready to eat them!

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mummy mishaps

17 responses to “Tiramisu Trifle | GBBO #3

  1. mmmmmmmm what a clever idea and i love how easy it is to make and would be gtreat served as a dessert at a dinner party. i am very impressed that you made your own coffee jelly! and great layers on show there 🙂
    thank you for linking up x x

  2. ooh this sounds amazing…I’m not sure about the coffee jelly but I take your word that it goes well with the sweet ingredients! It looks amazing & anything with Chambord in has my seal of approval! Thanks for joining in.

    • No, on its own the coffee jelly was a wee bit ming, agreed, but I’m not a huge fan of coffee-flavoured things anyway. Why I like tiramisu then is anyone’s guess?! The cream and booze most probably help!

  3. Tiramisu is the dessert I will always have in an Italian restaurant, it’s my measure of whether the chef is any good or not. If the Tiramisu is rubbish then we don’t go back. This is pure genius and I’ll definitely be making it!

  4. What a fabulous idea. I love tiramisu and it’s one of my favourites to make. Never tried to make my own coffee jelly. Very brave! I think I’ll try and do this for my mum. She’s a massive coffee fan x

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