Travelling with a Toddler with Thomson

Thomson Airways Plane | Bluebirdsunshine Last week Shine and I went to Majorca with Thomson to review one of their Thomson Family Resorts (the Protur Aparthotel Bonaire). You can read my intro post here in case you missed it. I have way too much to say (Really? Me? How unusual!) for just the one post so this post is about how I found travelling with Thomson with a toddler in tow. ____________________________________________________ Shine Aboard the Gatwick Express | Bluebirdsunshine I always feel like the holiday starts when you leave your front door as that’s when the adventure begins. In this case our outbound flight to Majorca was very early and when I first saw the flight time my initial thought was that it wasn’t the most family-friendly time to be travelling. I needn’t have worried. We stayed the night before at the Sofitel Gatwick, which is literally attached to the terminal building and Shine was a champion travelling on three trains and a tube to get there late on Sunday afternoon. The bed was amazing, and rigorously tested by Shine, as you can see below. Shine on Sofitel Gatwick bed | Bluebirdsunshine I’ve been completely spoilt now and I think if ever we have an option to do an early morning flight and there’s a hotel at the airport then I would go for it. It meant we didn’t lose a day of our holiday travelling as we arrived in Majorca around 10am and still had the full day to explore. The check in process for Thomson went smoothly. Shine is still travelling in the sling (love my Ergo) but you could take your buggy right to the door of the plane if you needed to. Once onboard all the attendants were super and considering the flight was full of families it was really very chilled. I had a vast supply of snacks, crayons and magazines to keep Shine entertained, even though I hoped she might sleep, and she was absolutely fine. Phew. The flight time to Majorca was just over 2 hours and I needn’t have packed as many supplies as I did but better to be safe than sorry isn’t it. Shine On Board Thomson Airways | Bluebirdsunshine On the flight home Shine tested out the kids snack box and opening the packets and investigating each component kept her amused for at least 10 minutes. Hooray. Enough time for me to eat a bacon baguette which was delish, you wouldn’t have known it was airplane food at all. I thought the prices for the food on board were very reasonable but if you’re on a tight budget you can of course always take your own snacks. Coffee. Let’s talk coffee for a second. It was Starbucks and – hallelujah – it came in a regular takeaway cup. I hate those little cups you get on planes as when you’re travelling with little kids it means you basically can’t have a hot drink. They spill so easily, hold only slightly more than two sips, and the drinks always seem to be volcanic so you’re left holding scorching liquid for half an hour waiting for it cool enough to drink while praying you don’t hit turbulence. Rant over, excellent idea Thomson, the takeaway cups are much appreciated! Boarding Thomson Airways | Bluebirdsunshine Kids Snack Box on Thomson Airways | Bluebirdsunshine We also travelled by coach transfer to and from the resort and on our day trip and it was perfectly comfortable. Travel with your own car seat if you prefer to have one as there aren’t any supplied on the coach. You can book private transfers with Thomson if you prefer to avoid minibuses or coaches, or you could hire a car if you plan on doing lots of exploring. Overall I was really impressed by the travel with Thomson. You know it’s good when the only critical thing I could note was that maybe the kid’s snack boxes on the plane could have Pom Bears instead of Hula Hoops! Thomson are doing a cracking job of making travel with kids as easy as it can be and I’d happily travel with them again. ______________________________________________________________ Thomson paid for Shine and I to travel and stay with them but all opinions are my own. I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network Research Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.

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