Religieuse | GBBO #7

Religieuse | bluebirdsunshineWeek 7! 7? Can’t believe it. This week on the Great British Bake Off we saw suet puddings, religieuse and puff pastry showstoppers.

I was thinking about what to do with Jenny Berry and Helen Hollywood for this week’s Great Bloggers Bake Off and I couldn’t bring myself to make a suet pudding. They just look a bit stodgerama and I’m still only eating semi-soft foods after my braces were put on on Monday. I’ve been existing on a diet of yoghurt, soup, trifles, tiramisu and ice cream. Unlike having my braces on as a teen, I am in charge and I say this is perfectly A-OK!

No way do I have time for puff. What if it didn’t puff? I’d be gutted at having spent hours lovingly folding and rolling.

That leaves the nuns – religieuses.

I used Mary Berry’s religieuse recipeΒ and all went swimmingly, the choux puffed perfectly, the creme patisserie tasted delish, and definitely soft enough to eat spoon after spoonful. Then I hit a snag with the ganache. The little ^%*&%^ split! Thank goodness for Google because within a minute I had rescued it with the hand beaters. I don’t think it’s a silky as it could be, but don’t panic, I can confirm the taste is NOT affected! These are surprisingly light and easy to eat, beware.

I can’t wait to see what all the other clever bloggers have been up to this week. I bet there are some works of art! Click below to check them out.

11 responses to “Religieuse | GBBO #7

  1. wow braces i have totally given up on my teeth i had braces twice now and they just went back to where they started a dentist once said to me that teeth are like a bowl of soup and i never got that until i went through the 2 sets of braces. May i say your nun looks heavenly .. is that to much of a cliche if i was paul hollywood i would say excellent pipping fabulous gloss on the finish and a lovely height and you would come in as number 1

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