Autumn, You’re more than alright

Right at the end of each summer I feel all sad and mournful that the season is ending.

I really need to write this post to remind myself next year that I needn’t be sad. Autumn in awesome. Chilly, yes, but stunning. More subtle than in-yo-face summer. Quieter, but possibly all the prettier for it.

Japanese Maple in Autumn | bluebirdsunshineJapanese maple in autumn | bluebirdsunshineThriving mint | bluebirdsunshinegirl and pink hydrangeas | bluebirdsunshineautumn light on clematis | bluebirdsunshinesuper pink rose | bluebirdsunshinetouching pink rose | bluebirdsunshine

I’m hooking up with the evergreen and everlovely Mammasurus. Go check out her garden pics this week and catch the ride to other people’s gardens too.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

8 responses to “Autumn, You’re more than alright

  1. You are so right, Autun is much less in yo face and ‘boom check out ma colours!’ than Summer but still very beautiful indeed. It’s all to easy to grumble about the weather and much lovelier to get outside and see what’s going on in the gardens around us – still lots to be seen an appreciate. I love your photos – especially that last one x

    Thanks for joining in again m’lady πŸ™‚

  2. Love that mint, it looks so lush! The colour on the acer leaves is so beautiful, I wish there was more autumn tones in our garden.

  3. Those leaves make me want to throw a blanket over my shoulders, but then pop goes the hydrangea, rose, and those pretty blue flowers! I guess that expresses fall all in a row of photos – beautiful!

  4. Autumn is beautiful. And so far, it has been rather mild. So I am not complaining. Your pics are all very pretty. Came by from HDYGG linky

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