Amaretti Opera Cake| GBBO #9

Amaretti Opera Cake | BluebirdsunshineThis week’s episode of the Great British Bake Off was great, but so sad to see Becca go home *sniff*. I’m happy that Francis survived another week though because she is so creative, I love seeing her twist on the tasks each week.

So this week was savoury canapés, Charlotte Royales and Opera cakes. I knew as soon as I saw Opera cakes were on the list that I had to try my hand at that for the Great Bloggers Bake Off, hosted by the super Jenny Berry and Helen Hollywood.

I love Opera cake and I saw an episode of Baking Mad ages ago where Eric Lanlard (swoon) made making one look achievable for mere mortals.

I liked the idea of the praline crunch Ruby added to her Opera Cake so I decided to add my own crunchy dimension and opted to make an Amaretti Opera Cake.

Amaretti Opera Cake | Bluebirdsunshine

I used Eric’s recipe as a guide (although note the recipe says: ‘preparation time: 20 minutes’. WTF? Seriously, wtf?) but I added 2 tsp of Amaretto (Disaronno) to the espresso that I splashed over the sponges (nom), and I added about ½ cup of crushed Amaretti Biscuits to the buttercream (double nom). Not for the faint-hearted either: seven layers of boozy, coffee-laced almond sponge, amaretti buttercream and rich chocolate ganache topped with a little more glossy chocolate for good measure. Divine.

This was by far the trickiest bake I’ve tackled for the Great Bloggers Bake Off. The sugar syrup for the buttercream nearly killed me. It took me FIVE attempts to get it right. Sugar seized, caramel burnt, some swearing may have occurred. I didn’t give in though and I’m proud of myself for persevering.

The first slice tasted all the sweeter for the effort.

Amaretti Opera Cake | bluebirdsunshine

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mummy mishaps

19 responses to “Amaretti Opera Cake| GBBO #9

    • Thank you. I think I would have given up if the sugar had been step one, but the prob was I had already made the sponges and started the buttercream so felt I had to see it through. What a test in patience 🙂

  1. wow well done you! The finished result looks beautiful but what a faff!!! When i was watching the contestants make theirs on the show i was thinking, could i really be bothered to make some a fiddly dessert! So i applaud you x thank you also for continuing to join in x

  2. Amazing! I used the same recipe but I went with maple syrup for my flavouring. I like the idea of Amaretto and the biscuits in your buttercream. I was sweating buckets over that syrup and managed it in one go but maybe it wasn’t exactly right as my buttercream didn’t fluff up the way yours did. I also should have whacked it in the fridge to set up a bit more. We should meet up with our Opera cakes for tea! Lovely! Magnifique!
    Karin @ Cafe Bebe

  3. wow this looks fab – I’ll have a slice of that for sure please!
    thanks for joining in again & going to the effort of making this tricky bake!

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